We offer mechanical and electrical/network service and repair on the following makes: Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, Smart, BMW, MINI, Audi, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • – Factory recommended maintenance
  • – Suspension and brake repairs
  • – Exhaust system replacement
  • – Heating, Ventilation service and repair
  • – Air Conditioning service and repair
  • – Charging and Starting systems repair
  • – Power Steering service and repair
  • – Cooling system repair
  • – Accessories installation and repair
  • – Engine management systems
  • – Engine mechanical service and repair
  • – Transmission service and repair
  • – Drive Train component service and repair
  • – Interior component replacement and repair
  • – Security systems


We use factory software and vehicle interfaces for each product line we service: Mercedes Xentry, BMW 3GIO, Volkswagen Audi VAS 6150c, and Volvo VIDA. This level of resources affords us the opportunity to accurately and efficiently address the most sophisticated component of your car: the computer network. From manufacturer’s software upgrades to security system intervention, coding, programming, and diagnosis, we use the factory equipment for the above mentioned marques.

Fluids & Components

In addition to the factory vehicle interface equipment, we like to use the best available fluids and components when servicing or repairing your vehicle. When practical, we use original equipment components. When not, we offer alternative solutions to your needs. Our maintenance services feature Mann, Mahle, and Hengst filters, Fuchs synthetic oils, power steering fluids, transmission fluids, and coolants of the of the proper specification, and service light resets. (Have a personal preference? Simply let us know.) Experience has shown that adherence to the factory recommendations in terms of fluids and maintenance intervals and the installation of the best quality parts prolongs the performance and durability of your investment.

Other marques Asian and Domestic

Our intention is to provide top-tier service on Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen/Audi and Volvo products. In order to stay committed to offering that level of service, we need to stay focused in terms of vision, resources, and continued education. While we would appreciate anyone’s confidence in offering us the opportunity to service other makes, we respectfully decline.

However, an exception may be made if we currently service a European vehicle from your household/family (we call it our “second car policy”). The service is just as competent and thorough, but the range of capabilities will be lower. All of the typical repair and maintenance work will be easily managed, but if the steering column control module in your Nissan takes a dive, for example, we won’t have the equipment to handle it.

Other marques European

The same holds true for other European marques however, we would be inclined, based on demand, to tool up in order to meet our customers needs. Feel free to call, email, or stop by with any questions or to let us know what those needs may be. We have the experience and resources to service a number of other European marques, however we have not made the investment in any other factory scan tools.


Werkstatt guarantees work for 12-months or 12,000 miles unless otherwise stated. Comebacks are a worst case scenario for us, but they happen from time to time. We take a lot of pride in what we do, and we hate to see our clients inconvenienced. We’ll do everything we can to rectify the problem and make it as easy as we can for you. Please let us know if there is an issue that seems out of order with any of our work. We need to know. Abuse, tampering, neglect, or failure to adhere to recommended maintenance schedules will void any warranty.

Refusal of Service

There may be times when, despite our best efforts, we find that we are not able to offer the level of service a potential client needs. In that unfortunate case we will graciously decline service. Please note, we will not practice outside of our scope of expertise. Requesting that we engage in activity that we determine to be immoral or potentially illegal? That will just get you kicked out.

Body Work

We do not offer collision repair service. We do not presently offer tire repair or replacement (but look for that in the future!)

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